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It was a day that changed my life forever

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It was International Peace Day Sept 21, 2015. I watched a movie produced by, sharing the idea of peace: Inner peace creates world peace. And while this was not a new idea to me, the movie moved me. It moved my perception of the world. All at once I saw every single person in this whole world. The humanity, the reality, the joy, the struggle, the journey, the search, the longing, the hugging, the original innocence, the growing up, the love and the pain, the oneness, the common essence that is our beingness.

I suddenly could see it all… everyone.

And I was humbled and began to cry with compassion, as if I was experiencing it for the first time. Call me a slow learner, but for me conceptualizing the whole world and confronting it ALL was a moment for me. A moment I feel has deeply changed me.

I saw that we all are giants in our hearts, some of us have scarred and broken hearts, but under all the stories, egos and protective shields we simply seek our original nature: peace, happiness and joy.

I had a vision of a new world.

A world for all people, a dynamic world economy built of evolving businesses creating a functional and caring context for people to live and work. Where all people contribute their gifts in a valuable meaningful and rewarding way. Where leaders, and councils stand for wisdom, compassion and authenticity. For the sake of it, not for the publicity.

My vision is the seed of the possibility. The possibility of a sustainable, healthy and happy world community. And as many people hold seeds for these new visions of the future we want create. It will be.


by Bība

Love, please show us

how we can bridge the divide from the world

as it is now

into the a new world of wisdom,

where we consciously contribute for the highest good of all

leading the way

to a more light filled, whole and fulfilling experience for all people of Earth.

And so it is.


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