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Our duty as evolutionaries

Is to answer our calling

To awaken to our true nature

To live ON Purpose

To accept what is so

To understand and listen

To lead with our heart

And to light up the way

Allowing life to live through us

Evolutionaries know there can be only one: Fear or Trust

Evolutionaries live in the WONDERState // A state of heart, body and mind in coherence and flow

Vigilantly course correcting and recalibrating our energy

Taking radical self responsibility, for our place in community, and our contribution on Earth 

Evolutionaries shake up the comfortable and comfort the shaken

We know the power that words and thoughts have on creation and we act accordingly

Evolutionaries are artists and visionaries, dreaming and dancing the future into existence

We live in harmony with nature, only taking what we need

Evolutionaries are abundant and generous, giving from our over flow

We take care of ourselves, and hold personal boundaries, to be vital and able to care for others

Evolutionaries learn from everything that life brings our way, growing and uplifting ourselves

We keep loving and seeing the good in all things, even when there is every good reason not too

Evolutionaries do not harm ourselves and we do not harm others

We are energized, alive, loving and fulfilled, and live an inspired life

Soul to soul

Biba, with love


are you

an evolutionary?

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