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Somatic Coach / Purpose Guide / Audio Visual Artist

Bība has had a deep and long journey with sound and its various forms. A student of Shabd Yoga since 1995, she received her first initiation into the sound current. And began a dedicated spiritual practice and personal growth journey.


Experiencing the mysticism of the ‘unstruck sound’ and the energetic vibrations of inner listening and direct access to soul awareness. All signatures of the Shabd Yoga path.


Working with teachers, shamans, human potential experts and gurus both famous and infamous Bība trained extensively in understanding energy, personal transformation and the dynamics of the psyche and soul.


In 2009 sound entered a new place in her life. The outer expression of music known as the ‘struck sound’, became an important part of her healing after a major life crisis. Sound, music and movement were her teachers and opened the door to transformation. 


Her studies went on to include kriya yoga, the science of energy work and its effects on the body mind and emotions. Discovering the power of purpose and direction she trained as a True Purpose coach with Tim Kelley. Unlocking a connection between the two worlds of soul and ego, the struck and the unstruck sounds. She began to teach spiritual concepts with practical application to connect with higher wisdom, overcome fears in an elegant and inclusive way and transform self talk to live a soul guided life.


The past five years Bība has used sound and mantra in her multi-discipline meditation teaching. As part of her body of work she released over 200 guided meditations and personal development programs with Inscape New York. She created wellness experiences for brands seeking to align with slow living values. Stella Artois, Listerine, Jetblue, Uber, Edition Hotels, Nomade Tulum and Holistika Tulum. 


Dance as medicine fully came to life when she was called inwardly to bring a fusion experience to the world, one that was transformational and a celebration. The creation of Alchemy of Dance, brings together music, intention and movement. Part of the emerging trend in sound healing, pushing it to the dynamic space of dance music and high energy expression. The release of her debut music album Amazon in 2020, marks the launch of her signature lucid dance meditation ceremonies and journeys. 


Having spent her first twenty years in South Africa and then Australia, and having travelled and lived extensively in many countries, Biba has had the privilege to learn and immerse in indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Mexico, India and Turkey. Also simultaneously connecting with modern teachers like Joe Dispenza, Ken Wilbur, John-Roger,  Shiva Rea, Jon Kabat Zinn, Carolyn Myss, Alan Finger, Jamie Wheal, Marianne Williamson, Sadhguru, Johnathan Goldman, Michael Singer and many more. Covering mysticism to mindfulness to sound healing. Final truth was finding common ground. Always asking one question: what is our most spiritually and culturally relevant path? 


Sound was the bridge. A universal agreement. A point where spirit and science meet. It’s remained untouched even today. It’s pure. It’s energy. It requires no language, no belief system, ceremony or symbols. And its power to heal and awaken are unquestionable.


This is Biba’s approach to spirituality, she teaches and shares vibrational medicine through sound and movement. Through the lens of purpose as we each endeavour to grow and live our most authentic expression.

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