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AMAZON // Alchemy of Dance is the birth of a new fusion genre in ceremony, performance art, and community. People are invited to reconnect with nature in light of our ecological crisis; through dance, listening and prayer-casting.

The live event is accompanied by an album of seven experiential dance tracks; world music, electro down tempo with guided vocals. 

The first single from the album is called Regeneration, because this is an important process that we find ourselves in at this time on earth.

It’s time now to allow our earth to renew itself.


Music is nothing more than a prayer

The Alchemy of Dance, live event is more than music - it is an experience created with its roots and philosophy in dance and art therapy and the power of sound and music to help us change our state and raise our vibration. The intention is a prayer for our planet seeded in the care taking of our inner environment.

We are committed to share intentional dance, and these musical journeys with the world.

Dancing with intention is a powerful experience which all people can part take of.  The simplest and most ancient form of connection, celebrating, healing and praying is through dance and music.

You are invited to come dance with us. And being shy is perfectly fine. You can dance on the inside.

Come be with the alchemy. 


It is about life, our journey as humans on the planet at this time in history.

Faced with ecological crisis and leadership confusion. This album is a way to take action at times when we feel helpless, angry and stuck, and don't know what to do. This is a sound and dancing experience which is a meditation in essence. It will guide and move you to places in your heart, mind and body to bring insights, shifts and a return to inner power. With intention, music and dance, our prayers are amplified, our questions answered, our hearts opened and healing can emerge.

Dance the future into existence.

Bība - South African born Australian multi-disciplinary artist, experience designer, music producer and meditation teacher

M@kossa - Italian music producer and DJ

Waiyari - Argentinian multi-instrumentalist, performing artist and music producer



Project Story

It was Aug 22 2019 when Bība received a text message from her friend Red Colibria, an artist and wisdom keeper from Mexico. Red Colibria had channelled a calling from the Amazon jungle, and was sharing the directives with her community. There were also protests that weekend in many major cities to save the Amazon from fires burning out of control through the native forests. The message was seven visualizations guiding us take action inwardly, and to use the power of our collective intention to bring light and healing to our planet and ourselves.

Bība immediately saw the visualizations unfold before her as dancing meditations, using the philosophy of her Alchemy Of Dance sessions, she wrote AMAZON. Using these seven guidelines she spent the next day inspired, it all just flowed out. Understanding that the power of intention plus sound creates healing. And including dancing to shift energy and allow healing in non-verbal and non-mental ways, these fusion meditations create a space to let go emotions, collective blocks and other unexpressed energy. All the alchemy needed to inspire the transformation in our earth's people and our planet.

M@kossa and Bība were half way producing an EP together in Italy this summer, which was put on hold until AMAZON was fully completed. The AMAZON project has a spirit of its own and made a clear path for its creation. It immediately inspired and demanded M@kossa to push his music and production further then before, and with a very clear intention. The size of the project and speed needed for the work seemed impossible at first, but the grace and timeliness of the project allowed his magic to flow.

Wa'iyari and Bība met in Tulum earlier this year, he was the only person she immediately saw to create the musical instrumentation for AMAZON. He was at the time playing in Turkey with Acid Pauli, and producing a collection of kora recordings at Xuma Studios in Bodrum, and also sharing his music for The Dance For Universal Peace Dance in Bursa. On Bība's invitation he postponed his onward trip to Burkina Faso in Africa, and brought his custom made kora and other world instruments to Istanbul, to make magic.

On Sept 7 2019, the three met at Analog Kulture, an iconic recording studio in Galata Istanbul. They shared five light filled days recording all the vocals and live music, editing and dreaming up arrangements, while meditating each morning together, finding time for a late night hamam, and burning copal in the studio until the smoke alarms where set off. This album was created in a truly sacred space of love, synergy and high intention.

"AMAZON was a gift to each of us, and is our gift to those who choose to dance with us, and bring their energy to the collective call to heal ourselves so the healing of our planet can take place."

Bība, M@kossa, Wa'iyari


Alchemy Of Dance AMAZON

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