Welcome to the Light Field

Inspired by a mystical age old prophesy, it is said that 144,000 light beings have been sent to earth to bring about the next evolutionary shift into LIGHT consciousness.

This is an art project dedicated to gathering a Light Tribe, bringing light to the metaverse,

and anchoring the Light Field on the earth.

It all starts with a single seed.


The genesis seed is an audio artwork titled 2021 by Bība.

It is the activation of the Seed Keepers //  a 200 year vision of a better world.

Be part of the movement.

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The genesis audio was minted on Dec 21, 2021 and available to collect on OpenSea.


Let there be LIGHT
              in the METAVERSE

'We are not making history,
we are making the future.' ~ Bība

GENESIS 2021/ Bība


108 Emerald Keys

The genesis of The Tenth Door, The Emerald Seed is the anchor for our peaceful future, an alignment of The Earth, Technology and the Heart Energy: Love. 

It was clear that the Emerald Seed was to be anchored by 108 Seed Keepers. Each Emerald Key is symbolic of 108 Light Centers in the Emerald Sanctuary. A sacred space dedicated to establishing a light field for nature and humans to live in harmony.


If you are called to be part of the Light Tribe, we welcome you.

We have a mission of bringing light to the world.

Anchoring it on the Earth and lighting up the Metaverse.



All Emerald Keys are unique music NFTs including 2021 and the cover art. Ensuring the Keys stay in existence they are minted on the Ethereum blockchain.


All Emerald Key holders will have access to the Emerald Sanctuary + Emerald Only Experiences.

Limited Edition Genesis 2021/Bība

Because being awake is the ultimate rebellion



Stage Zero.

108 Emerald Keys

Limited Edition Music NFT

Stage One.

144 Dream Seeds

Hand Drawn 1/1 Artworks

Stage Two.

12,000 Light Seeds

Each Dream Seed Keeper has 88 invites to share

Generative Art

Metaverse Sanctuary Activation

Amazon Jungle Sanctuary Reforestation Activation

Stage Three.

144,000 Star Seeds

11 Stages Collaborative Generative Art

Each Light Seed Keeper has 11 invites to share

Personal Metaverse Sanctuaries Launch

Additional Reforestation Activation

Energy Education Curriculum Development Begins K-12

Stage Four.

144 Earth Seeds

Any Seed Keeper can activate an Earth Seed Labyrinth with 1000 Earth Seeds

1000 Generative Artwork + IRL Installation and opening Event Tickets