The Alchemy Of Dance
with Bība

The dance dances the dancer

Let the music be your north star. movement and dancing experiences for all people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

This intentional curated sound experience is a journey to switch off your mind, open your heart, wake up your senses, shake off, lift up and get you buzzing and high on life. No expectations, no thinking or talking, just come as you are, go at your own pace and flow.

Listen, move, notice, hear, experience... you will be guided by Bība throughout the session to reflect and explore yourself as the musical journey unfolds.

Enjoy a little time with you and the music.

Alchemy Of Dance Event Video

The BODRUM Edition Turkey - Full Moon Celebration VIDEO

The Yoga of Sound
Spiritual Meditation

Inner sound meditation experiences for spiritual awakening

Bība is your meditation guide, she uses an ancient Sufi mantra practice, and shares the art of inner listening to attune your energy and awareness to your highest potential. A similar practice is also found in the far north west of India called shabd yoga, or nada yoga. This is the yoga of sound.

She has a committed daily meditation practice, and has studied with masters all over the world since 1995, including teachers of eastern and western sound therapy. Bība now travels the world, sharing her experiences and the teachings of sound current meditation.


Raise Your Frequency With Music

Music to open your heart and blow your mind..

Discover the power of sound.

Listen, move or dance to the rhythms, beats, flows, silences, and delicate allure of the inner experience.

Music is always a good idea, for healing, uplifting or celebration.

Our brain engages with sound in a way that science has proven affects our mood, calms our nerves and reduces stress and anxiety. Certain music that is, hard core heavy sounds work in the same way. It's called brain entrainment, sound effects our state of mind.

Dive in and enjoy the music.. may it change your life forever. 

Music tracks and sound design. Bespoke playlists, DJ sets and special mixes to set the mood and on point energy for your property, wedding, party, office, retail space, special event, music for anywhere where people gather or want to escape. 


Interactive Art Experiences

Art is a direct pathway to the heart

Bība is continually inspired to bring the intersection of art and awakening to people everywhere.

Her installations and artworks are designed to invite the viewer in. To participate. To discover something new about themselves.

Her love of community brings an inclusive approach to her work, where everyone is celebrated and encouraged to play.

Making positive statements and bringing messages of kindness, her gypset nomadic life allows her to explore many cultures and traditions, bringing her future forward 'dreaming' to the world. A world where peaces prevails.


Transformational Experience Design

High vibration content for transformational travel, wellness and celebration.

Licensed :: Bespoke :: Collaborations :: Partnerships :: Hospitality :: Private :: Corporate :: Events :: Festivals

The TENTH door creates experiences globally, using audio recordings, sound design, live experiences and installation art, to share memorable and meaningful moments with your guests, visitors, friends, and the world.

Community is created through shared experiences. Be part of bringing new dimensions to your community and have a meaningful impact. Brand value is now also being measured through social capital and community strength.

Here is a selection of our latest projects:


EYE LOVE YOU - Cappadocia 2019
Land Art Installation by Bība

Summer 2019

Look with love always

The 44m wide, multi canvas land art  installation will reside on the cliffs overlooking the mesmerizing Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey. As a flat artwork, it is visible only from the sky, mainly from hot air balloons travelling at 800m above the ground. The message is one of seeing with compassion, and raising above to get altitude to gain greater understanding. EYE LOVE YOU Official Video

KRCL X BĪBA - Istanbul 2019
Artist Collaboration

June 2019

Creative collaboration with Turkish Electronic Music Producer KRCL for his latest release I AM WHO I AM. Bība used her signature mirror art to bring a new dimension to music and the dance floor. The artwork was the center piece of the pop up exhibition at the Anton Peran Hotel Rooftop in Galata Istanbul.



ANTON PERAN HOTEL - Istanbul 2019
Pop Up Exhibition

June 2019

Rooftop Sunday Summer Series hosted by Mixmag and Future Forward Media.

Showcasing some of the hottest up and coming DJ's and producers in Europe, guests where immersed in the impactful message and light beams of Bîbas mirror art. Reflections on belonging, self acceptance and being witnessed. 






Interactive Art Installation

Summer 2018

This interactive installation is a walking meditation that is known to inspire many transformational experiences in a very simple and organic way.

What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is one of the oldest symbols in the world, found across many cultures since 2500 BCE. It is a symbol of ritual, art and myth, and in recent centuries it has been used as a symbol of the sacred inner journey.

Representing a pilgrimage to your inner self, this artwork is a walking meditation. A time to reflect… let go… set an intention… heal… send light and connect inwardly.

A single path in and out, you cannot get lost, simply follow the path to your center.

Unwind your mind, open to receive, set your intentions and send out your prayers to be answered.



April 2019

Installed on a pebbled beach on the Aegean Sea, the Temple of Reflection created a sacred space for meditation, prayer, gratitude, intentions and solace for festival goers.

The golden mirrors reflecting nature, the water, the sun and the moon glowed and transformed through the day. And also become portals through which to see yourself.

We only see anything because of the light reflecting off it, this artwork was an opportunity to see yourself, in all our lightness and darkness. To see the things we want to see and see the things we would rather not see. Making them all ok and embracing our whole selves.