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everything we do now

changes the future 




redefining happiness
reclaiming community
remembering purpose

reconnecting to oneness

travel your soul scape

Start with Purpose.

What were you designed for? What is your true essence? Who have you come to serve?

And what is the gift you have to give?

Walk your Path.

You create your destiny and contribute to our collective creation inwardly and outwardly.

Expressing your truth and bringing the formless into form.


Soul study unwinds the mind and unwinds perceived reality. 

It offers mirrors and doorways to new possibilities,

adventures of awakening and paradigm shifting. 

Bending pixels and offering blueprints for a new way born from spirit,

the heart, intention and higher guidance. 

It is the opposite of logic and reason, it's the flip into Universal law,

leading from the heart and wisdom of your trusted source.

Through purpose retrieval, connecting with your soul,  music and sound healing, dance as medicine and spiritual meditation practices, you will challenge the perceptions of who you think you are, and engage in new levels of inner power and awareness.


You are invited to let go of old thinking and to witness new possibilities by allowing your power.


The result is a grounded, coherent, purpose driven and expansive state of heart and mind. Being called to this work, you will connect with an empowered community, that will challenge and awaken you, while fully accepting you as you are.

the vision- hear the sound of your soul

Everything in the Universe is a collection of atoms vibrating at various rates and frequencies. This includes you and me. 

Music is an elegant matrix of vibrations we can hear. When we listen to music we are literally feeling its vibrations.

As living beings of energy and vibration we naturally respond to music and sound.

Music is transformational and works in a simple and scientific way influencing our bodies, minds and emotions.

Listening is something which allows us to connect immediately to the present moment. And calming music will have a direct effect on stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Music can also be grounding, healing and inspiring.

Listening inwardly to the audible life stream we can attune to our soul vibration through meditation. And through direct access we can connect to our souls wisdom and direction.

Working with purpose, intention, sound and movement can connect to our true essence in a simple and authentic way. Vibration after all is the essence of all that is. While thoughts can create separation, sound unites and connects.

This work brings transformation through connecting you to this vast energy matrix and the potential of sound and vibration to change  and heal on all levels.

My vision is to bring an evolutionary context to music and sound healing along with purpose and intention, awakening us to our soul connection and allowing us to grow together and find the tools we need to serve us to live a soul centered life.

Image by Elliott Engelmann

soul words

“ Working with Biba has been a dream. Her wisdom is potent and her delivery is digestible. This combination makes her work extremely effective. It's refreshing and inspiring to work with someone this intelligent and yet down to earth. She is guiding me to my inner light and I'm forever grateful.” 


~ Lee Curac-Dahl // Founder Army of Love // Infleuncer

biba's work has been featured in


"It is the possibility of a new future. 

A place of respite to run and hide

to be seen and found.


It is our vision and wish.

It is the place we dream the world to be."

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